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Bicolor Quartz 18K White Gold Earrings

Bicolor Quartz 18K White Gold Earrings

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Bicolor Quartz White Gold Earrings

18K white gold enhances the transparency and sparkle of bicolor quartz.

Bicolor quartz with an elegant shade, like champagne poured into a flute glass

is cleanly cut and polished to give off a strong sparkle every time it moves.


Uses highly transparent bicolor quartz. The back is V-shaped and has multi-faceted cuts that reflect the incoming light vertically, and the deep sparkle emitted from the back of the quartz captures the viewer's eyes. The upper part is transparent and the lower part is clearly separated into two layers of champagne gold, which is a beauty that gold drops are likely to drip.

A luxurious shine suitable for an adult holiday. In the bright sunlight of the day, you can enjoy the transparency and elegant champagne gold color in the sunlight, and under the downlight at night, it emits a gorgeous light like a mirror ball.

[Material used]

・ Bicolor Quartz

・ 18K White Gold

・ Engraving: K18KWG, between 14.00 and 12.69, are engraved on the left and right according to the carat number of bicolor quartz.

[Piercing metal fittings]

18K White Gold

Shape: Fishhook hook earrings

Thickness: 0.6 mm

[Bicolor Quartz]

Size: The number of carats varies slightly depending on the stone.

Size: 9 mm wide and 30 mm long. There are some differences in size depending on the doctor.


Weight: One ear approx. 3.5g

[Change metal fittings]

Can be changed to screw spring type earrings

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