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Akoya Pearl Shell Cubic Zirconia Silver Pendant

Akoya Pearl Shell Cubic Zirconia Silver Pendant

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Akoya pearl and shell pendant

Akoya pearl pendant with a shell set in the wings of a butterfly that looks like it has just taken off.

Cubic zirconia arranged in a ribbon shape on the body of a butterfly shines brilliantly.

* This item is available in gold plating with the same design.

[Pendant design]

Akoya pearl pendant with a shell (white butterfly shell) set in the wings of a butterfly. Cubic zirconia is treated in the center of the butterfly, and the elegant brilliance of the shell matches the delicate sparkle of zirconia. The dynamic shape of the butterfly and the Akoya pearls swaying at the top make you feel light. The color of the shell, Akoya and pearls is according to the bullion, so it gives a refreshing and sophisticated impression.

You can adjust the length of the necklace with the adjuster. You can bring the pendant top to your favorite position regardless of your clothes or body shape.

June birthstone "pearl"

A design that combines cuteness and elegance is preferred by people of all ages. You can also enjoy it as a gift.

[Material used]

・ Akoya pearl 6.5mm

・ Silver 925

・ Cubic zirconia

[Pendant top]

Akoya pearls: 6.5mm. We use high quality pearls that are pink, have good territory, and are round and have few scratches.

Cubic zirconia: 9 stones

Shell: White butterfly

Stamp: SV925


Overall length: 34cm

Adjustable length with 5 cm adjuster (including plate and round can)

Shape: Azuki chain

Thickness: 1.0mm

Engraved: SV925

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